Title: Role Explication of Simulation in Intelligent Trainining
Authors: Lai JIN, Mitsuru IKEDA, Riichiro MIZOGUCHI, Yoshiyuki TAKAOKA
Reference: AIED-97 Workshop on Architectures for intelligent simulation-based learning environments, Kobe, Japan (1997)_

Abstract: With the advancement in technology, computers have been used for training novice operators, for it is more cost-effective than the real system, and with the recent development of Multi-Media technology, a simulator environment can be realized in computer just like a real-time control system. But on the other hand, the more complex and the more advanced the technology is, the more difficult to make a teaching material for computer. That is to say, it will take a lot of time for an author to make a good teaching material including simulations so that the learner can master it easily. Because there is a large gap between the concepts of authors and the concepts for computer, it feels difficult to save more time for the author. In order to solve such a problem, we think the ontology technology is needed, and it is now widely accepted among the researchers. The system which we call SmartTrainer is a CBT (Computer Based Training) system including a set of simulators for facility of electric power systems. The development of SmartTrainer is partly motivated by the need for a powerful authoring system of Intelligent CBT systems. Of course, here we do not just want to discuss how to make an authoring system itself which can be used easily only, we also emphasize on what the simulation is from the view of training task.

In this paper, as a preliminary step, we will mention the intelligent training system itself, and then explain what is ontology which is used as a base for making our Intelligent Training System. At last, we will briefly discuss the designing of authoring environment based on ontology in Smart Trainer.

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