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Title: Opportunistic Group Formation -- A Theory for Intelligent Support in Collaborative Learning --
Author:Mitsuru Ikeda, Shogo Go, Riichiro Mizoguchi
Reference: Proc. of AIED-97, Kobe, Japan, pp.167-174 (1997)


One of the major educational significance of the collaborative learning has is to enhance the participants' motivation to awaken mature reflection on their own understanding and externalize the result of it. Our interest here is to clearly grasp such educational significance of collaborative learning group. That is, how to characterize the organization of learning group, what functions the learning group has, in what situation a form of group is appropriate for, and so on. Based on the deep understanding of the property of the learning group, we try to build a model learning group formation. We call the model "Opportunistic Group Formation". The term opportunistic implies that the model can prescribe the right situation to form the leaning group. At ordinary situation, each learner is a series of tasks in individual learning environment. Once the opportunistic group formation model finds that the situation of a learner is the right timing to shift the learning mode from individual learning to the collaborative learning, the system taking charge of the learner proposes other systems to begin the negotiation for form the learning group formation. The negotiation is conducted by the negotiation process model which constitutes a part of the opportunistic group formation model. In this paper, among various issues on the negotiation process, we concentrate on the system of concepts to characterize the learning groups and the negotiation model for opportunistic group formation.


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